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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

'' The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.'' - Augustine. Hey guys!!! I have just returned from AMAZING trip. I've always loved that quote. To me, travelling has always felt like living.Maybe its the books I read, or my dad's love to travel, or maybe the fact that I'm a sagittarius. The point is, there's a whole new world out there, and I just can't bear to be cooped up inside a small town my entire life:D

These last few days in the Indian city of Bengaluru and a nearby hill station, Munnar, have been complete bliss. I kinda had a stressful and exhausting few days, so the trip was like a MUCH needed chillcation( Chill vacation:P) I went shopping,eating,jetskiing (that thing you do with a water bike;)), rode in a jeep, freaked out on a night safari cause the trees looked scary😫😅, I fell sick,trespassed into private property a few times (I told you I was crazy😁😉), watched the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen,woke up at 5am, cried, laughed, but, most of all, I lived. I love the wind blowing in my hair, suitcases in my hand and that anticipation that a new adventure is just around the corner!!!🌍🌎🌏

Let me tell you about something crazy that I and my family did ( No suprises there ...Everyone expects me to be crazyyy!!) So, we were looking for a plantation walk in Munnar (Its famous for tea plantations, apparently🤔😀) But we just couldn't find one. And then, suddenly, like god was like, today's your lucky day!! ( I imagine that one in a singing voice:P), we found the PERFECT plantation!!! Very green, fresh plants and a breathtaking view. Wow! There was just one teeny-tiny problem.. the plantation had a HUGE board with big fat red letters that said - private property. DO NOT TRESPASS.

But, the thing was, we liked breaking rules, so we kinda looked around and when we saw nobody, we walked in!! There were a few workers around, but none of them stopped us. In fact, they were really sweet and let us cut the tea leaves using their equipment. We got really good photos and had a terrific time:) The best part was, we never got caught!! I guess the moral is, ( using knowledgeable voice:P) Breaking rules can help you get closer to your family;-)

Travelling also means you get to meet all these wonderful,unique, fantastic people. I met somebody too. Just an old lady who cleaned washrooms at a Mcdonalds, but she was a very sweet,caring, loving old soul. She lacked a foot, but she still helped me when I was sick❤ This touched my heart so much!! She had every reason to be grumpy and dissatisfied, but she was helping people, whereas I ( And most teens:|)... Well, lets just say that it doesn't take much to make me feel dissatisfied. So, I am gonna start being kinder and more thankful for what I've got❤ #begrateful

I want to write so much more, but my eyelids are literally closing every few seconds ( And the post is way too big already😅)Travel is REALLY tiring😅😅 Before logging off, I want to remind you guys that you can talk to me about anything and everything..consider me to be your secret-keeper!!😄

Stay happy:)

Adena xxx

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