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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Trends come and go, but these wardrobe essentials are here to stay! Take a look at what basic stuff you ABSOLUTELY need to have!!

1. A plain white t-shirt

Need to look simple but cute? Grab a plain white t-shirt, and pair it with a colorful jacket or any funky accessory;)

P.S - If you love Selena's style as much as I do, be prepared for some MAJOR news!! Check out this link -


2. A pair of stylish skinny jeans

Eveybody who is anybody needs jeans, right? High-waist or low-waist, dark wash or ligh wash, It's entirely your choice!!!

Here's a link to finding the perfect jeans for you -


3. Pumps

This one goes without saying for all the fashionistas out there!! However, if you're a sporty girl typle like my best friend Katy ( And sometimes, me:)), The next one's for you!!

4. Sneakers

Need to look cool, trendy and be comfortable at the same time? Sneakers are your go-to option!!

5. A Denim Jacket

This one is definitely my favorite!! Want to make a simple t-shirt interesting? Put on a denim jacket!! Here's an example of how awesome denim jackets can be:

For more fashion-related advice from Ariana, check this out -


6. A pair of cool sunglasses

For that sassy, badass look;) Need I say more????

7. A dress

One of the most worn types of clothing, pair yours with pumps for a dressy occasion or dress it down with fashion sneakers - Its entirely your choice!!!

P.S. - Guys, remember that all of this is ENTIRELY for fun. Dress like you, and don't care what society says. I tried something new this time, and I hope you guys loved it=) Mention in the comments if you think I missed something!!

Stay happy;)

Adena xxx

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