To all the people thinking about letting go...

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

To all those hurting like me, I know that sometimes it feels like you've got nothing to live for, nothing to keep you happy. I know that sometimes it feels like waking up in the morning is a waste, because what do I wake up for? Nothing to smile about, nobody to think about, just one problem after another.

But I also know that there are days when my coffee tastes like magic, and my playlist makes me dance. I know that there are days when strangers make me smile, and the night sky touches my soul. I know that there are days when I simply fall in love with being alive.

Maybe it's not much, but it's something to hold on to in your darkest nights. Its a reason to live, and to keep living. Maybe you feel like letting go, ending all of your pain by ending your life. DON'T.

Why? Because your life is worth so much more. You still have so much to do. Don't you wanna make crazy friends at college and laugh with them? Don't you wanna accomplish your dreams and feel the satisfaction? Don't you wanna walk down the aisle and look at the happiness on the face of the person you love? Don't you wanna live? You owe it to yourselves and to the people who love you. Who do you think they're gonna blame if you let go? Maybe somebody shattered your heart, but they're there to heal you, as they always will be. Good things taken time. Trust me on this one. Please hold on. So many people need you to live.❤ #Worldsuicideawarenessday

Adena xxx

P.S. If you really are feeling suicidal or depressed, talk to somebody you trust or talk to a therapist. They'll be able to help you feel better. There are suicide helplines too I'd you need them, but please do stay safe. I'm always here if you need help.💙

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