To all the books I've read before..

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I love you. Each and every one of you. Every single time I was hurt, I seeked solace in you, and every single time, I found it. I've explored the world with you. I'd lived a thousand lives in one, and seen faraway lands that I can only dream of, and I'm so grateful for that.

Maybe to others reading a book is something that is a boring task, but to me, it is my entire world. I've learnt so many lessons. I've learnt when to let go and move on, and when to stay and fight. I've learnt to love and laugh and live and cry all in one book. People hurt me and broke me and left, but you stayed. But who can blame them? For we humans are prone to mistakes. Another lesson I learnt. I could say a million thank yous, and it still wouldn't be able to account for all that happiness you've given me, for the escape you've given me, and for the way you've wiped my tears every time.

Yet, you've caused me pain too. Sometimes through the death of characters so dear to me that it felt like losing myself. Mostly though, by reminding me that my life wasn't a novel, that no knight in shining armor was waiting for me. Life keeps disappointing me, but another lesson you taught me was to never give up hope. So here's to me hoping that someday, maybe I'll live a life good enough to be turned into a book, but, until then, I'm satisfied to have you with me❤

Yours lovingly,

Adena xxx

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