The best TV shows for teens...

Hey guys! It's time to take a huge bucket of popcorn, put on a movie or show, and relax🤩 Don't know what to watch? I've got you covered!

Here's a list of some of THE BEST shows:

P.S. - Most of these are available on Netflix or Amazon prime video. However, if you have super strict parents who won't get you either of these, you can get all the shows at websites like - fmovies or 123movies

1. Riverdale - This is one of my favorite teen series. It is basically about teenagers in a small town that deal with a lot of crime,drama, romance and mystery on a daily basis. It basically covers all genres. However, its a little disturbing, so you should check out the trailer and the age rating beforehand. And it has the added bonus of having Cole Sprouse in the cast!😍)

2. Stranger things - If you're into horror and mystery, this one's for you! Just a tip though, I definitely do NOT recommend watching it at night. Again, check out the trailer beforehand.

3. Friends - One of THE funniest shows ever! Joey. Chandler. Monica. Rachael. Ross. Phoebe. Need i say more? Whenever you're in the mood for something happy and humorous, check it out!

4. Pretty little liars - Secrets, lies, drama, lots of thrills and a high school girl gang torn apart by a death! And of course, lots of romance. A super interesting show if you're into that kind of stuff. Check out the trailer if you're unsure!

5. Vampire Diaries - Who doesn't love supernatural mysteries and romances? The show is mostly based around two vampire brothers who fall for the same mortal girl. Damon and Stefan have been rivals for thousands of years, and now that Damon's back into his life, how will Stefan protect the girl he loves? Definitely recommend it.

6. Modern family - This show is the most relatable show in this list. From going through teenage to messing up big things, this show's got it all covered. This is one of the only shows that's suitable for almost everybody, and it so damn funny! On a scale of 1-10, this one is definitely an 11!

7. Gossip Girls - The privileged teens living on the Upper East side of New York have everything they have ever wanted, except for one thing - Privacy. Gossip girl, a ruthless blogger is always watching them. If you're into teenage drama, take a look at the trailer!

8. 13 Reason Why - Two weeks after Hannah Baker's suicide, Clay finds a mysterious explaining why Hannah Baker took her own life. This a very compelling show, that will keep you hooked, but it can be disturbing, so do check out the age rating, trailers, reviews,etc.

9. The chilling adventures of Sabrina - Sabrina is a teenage half-mortal half-witch, trying to live a normal life while trying to fight the evil forces that threaten mortals. This is based purely on horror, so if you get scared easily, I would not recommend this.

10. Teen wolf - Scott McCall turns into a werewolf after being bitten by one. But will he able to adapt to this and live a normal life? Check out Teen Wolf if you want to know more! ( An extra point for having Dylan O Brien in the cast! )

Have you watched any of these shows already? What did you think? Any other suggestions? I'd love to know your views! Comment below!

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