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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey guys! Do you ever look back and realize how much everything has changed???

How much different you life is now than when you were a kid? Yeah, I know being a teen is pretty cool. You get to go out, and do dumb,crazy stuff and have the best times of your life and all, but... maybe you lose something too??

I just spent a day with my best friends, and it got me thinking. I mean, when we were small we'd play or paint or make something ( I never even made anything half - decent😁😂) but we were SO happy:D Now we just sit around, checking our instagrams, or we watch a movie. But we get bored so easily!! We enjoy a lot of course, but maybe not as much as we used to.When were small, we loved this game called princess, prince and the dragon. We made it up ourselves... the dragon would kidnap the princess, and the prince would save her ( Not very imaginative, I know:P) And we were so OBSESSED!! Slowly though, our fave game turned to truth or dare, which is a hell lot of fun too but NOT as simple! Life used to be less fun, but happier and stress - free too!!

Maybe its because most teens crave attention and popularity and relationship and looking pretty and a lot of other stuff! Maybe that's why we ( Yes, I do want those things sometimes too! After all, I'm only human!!) spend a LOT of time clicking pics and doing stuff others approve of. So sometimes we end up feeling stressed or we end up losing our self - esteem. I think we all need to work on that:) On the brighter side, being a teen also means you get to prank people and enjoy their VERY interesting reactions!! ( We did that. It was HILARIOUS!!) Being a teen's not so bad😉😉 #teenlife

Some of you told me that my last post was WAY too big, so that's all for this one;) Comment what you think and subscribe so you never miss anything!!( At the bottom of the page:)) Gotta go complete a 800 page novel now:-D

Stay happy;)

Adena xxx

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