Sustainable Fashion #3 - Sustainable brands to shop at!

Hey guys! It's Saturday, and I have a new post for you! This post is the third post in my sustainable fashion series. BTW, thank you so much about all the love on this series! I was unsure at first, but now I'm so glad I decided to write about sustainable fashion.

So, in this post, I'm going to be naming a few brands from which you can buy sustainable clothes, brands that sell old clothes and also brands that rent clothes! Before that, however, make sure you read this user important paragraph:

There’s no such thing as “eco - friendly clothing” — i.e. all garments have at least some negative impact on the environment but there are brands working diligently to help make a difference.

The most sustainable fabric is one that’s previously been used; anything new that has been produced – regardless of what material – has a negative impact on the environment. After that comes fabrics made with recycled material. Most commonly you’ll find polyester made from recycled water bottles. Just make sure you’re looking for specific detail, like "100% recycled polyester" (some brands might market it as “made with partially recycled materials” when it’s really only a small portion).

Lastly, fabrics made with sustainable fibers are better than conventional ones, like organic fibers that use less chemicals and water, or Tencel that’s safer for workers and has less waste.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get right to it! I'm going to be naming brands you can BUY sustainable clothes from first. I haven't tried out all of these, but I have made sure that I've only included reputable brands whose products are sustainable.

Brands from which you can BUY sustainable clothes:

• Pact

• Levi's

• Everlane

• Alternative Apparel

• Eileen Fisher

• Reformation

• Patagonia

• Cuyana ( This one is a little pricey but it has some amazing timeless pieces )

• People tree


• Girlfriend collective

• Raven + Lily

• Amour Vert

• Kowtow

• Veja


• Nudie Jeans

• Stella McCartney ( I was surprised too! )

• Mara Hoffman

• Matt and Nat

• Angela Rai

Next are the brands which let you rent clothes for special occasions! I think that is especially useful when you need to attend something like a wedding but you don't want to buy anything because you know you'll never wear it again. And these also cost less!

Brands from which you can RENT clothing:

• Rent the runway ( Love the name so much )

• Infinite Style

• Gwynnie Bee

• New York and Company Closet

• Style Lend

• Nuuly

• Armarium

Rent the runaway lets you rent amazing clothes!

The next category is my favorite. Its thrift stores! I always find a treasure whenever I go to a thrift store. I'll be naming a few online thrift stores.

Online thrift stores that sell USED clothing:

• Depop

• Etsy

• Poshmark

• thredUP

• Ragstock

• Thrifted

• Tradesy

Thrift stores - The best places to shop at!

And that's it! If you have any suggestions or any other brands to add to the list, let me know in the comments below! I hope you're alright and taking care of yourselves!

Adena xxx

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