Sustainable Fashion #1 - An Easy - To - Understand Guide!

Hey guys! It is Saturday, and I have a new post for you! We celebrated Earth Day recently, and I wanted to put up a post about it. But eveyday was doing stuff like '100 ways to save the earth', which is why I decided to choose this topic! Sustainable Fashion has been getting more and more popular, and it is something that can affect the world in a very positive way. That is why everybody needs to know about this immediately. I'm going to help you understand the how, what and why of sustainable fashion in this post:) Let's get right to it!

What exactly is 'Sustainable Fashion'?

To put it simply, sustainable fashion is fashion that doesn't harm the earth, is slow fashion and is also ethical. Confused? Don't worry, I'll explain more in detail later:). Here is a super helpful pin I found which tells us about the most important parts of sustainable fashion:

Fast fashion can be used to refer to clothes which you wear only a few times, while slow fashion refers to classic clothes such as a plain white tshirt which you can wear over and over again. Sustainable fashion includes slow fashion. Ethical fashion means that the clothes are made in a moral and ethical way, i.e. neither the buyer nor the maker is cheated.

Here are a few impacts of the fashion Industry that tell us why we NEED sustainable fashion :

1. Environmental impact - The fashion industry contributes over 8 percent of all greenhouse gases and, if things continue as is, by 2050 more than 25 percent of the entire global carbon budget will go to this one industry. Basically, it harms the eath in a very, very bad way. The mills are the places where the most damage is caused to the 3environment. The carbon footprint reaches a very high level at the mills. Just to be clear, a company is only doing 'sustainability' if they are lowering their carbon footprint. This isn't actually that difficult to do but there are very few companies ( A whole post on them coming soon, but Levi's is one of them! ) are making an effort.

A landfill full of textile waste

2. Women's rights / Labor - Garment workers, most of which are women, are some of the least paid laborers in the world. Think about that super expensive dress you bought to look cool in front of your friends. It was made by taking advantage of some somebody's desperation to earn money. Still can't wait to wear it??? Just think about that for a few seconds. Many workers also die due to unsafe conditions! In order to address this, fashion companies need to start collecting data on their workers and then take steps. Again, this isn't that hard, but it still isn't happening!? A large part of sustainable fashion is ethical fashion, where the workers are treated well and get good wages.

3) Marketing strategies by companies - Make sure you read the next sentence correctly, it is a very important one - WE CAN NOT SHOP OUR WAY TO SUSTAINABILITY. As soon as sustainable fashion started becoming more popular, many companies released new products which they claimed were sustainable. However, the sad truth is, most of those products weren't sustainable! That was just a marketing strategy to encourage more people to buy their products. Make sure you don't fall for this. Be a smart shopper. There will always be new trends and new fashion arrivals, but it up to you to make sure that you buy clothes which you will wear more than a few times. Being sustainable doesn't mean not shopping at all, it means shopping in a way that is beneficial to everybody, including the environment!

And that's it for this post! I have decided to do an entire series on sustainable fashion, since this is a topic I feel so strongly about (As you can see haha ). I will be posting a post related to sustainable fashion, including expert interviews, sustainable brands to shop at, etc every SATURDAY for the next coupleof weeks. Look out for it!

Adena xxx

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