Rainy days...

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey guys! Rainy days are always these day where you think, maybe realize a few things about yourself: There's this beautiful, mysterious, thrill in those days when there's a thunderstorm raging outside.Today was one of those days, and they made me think too.

Yesterday started out as one of those days when everything simply goes wrong. There was something that was very challenging to me that I had to do that day, and it looked like I was gonna fail at that, too. Its hard to describe, but I'll just say that I wanted to be anybody buy me at that moment.. And then, I had to do the challenging thing. It scared me, and I was so sure that the best I could do was be okay at it. But, guess what? I wasn't okay, I was great! It felt so good, all these people coming up to me mad telling me I was amazing. It felt so good. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt so OKAY:P What I'm saying is, don't EVER underestimate yourself. And remember, luck can change anytime ( And anyway,luck doesn't matter❣)

I went for a really long drive with my family today, and let me tell you, long drives on rainy days are the BEST THING EVER(Especially if you get warm maggi too😋) The view was so amazing! Definitely recommend it. Just adds to the happiness of school closing:D

Okay guys, so I wanted your advice o something. I'm actually running for head girl of my school, and any advice is extremely appreciated❤ Comment below👇And I hope you remember that you can talk to me about anything and everything. If you wanna feel motivated, search up my account @adenadanvers on instagram💙

Stay happy;)

Adena xxx

P.S. Hoping for your comments💫

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