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Hey guys! I'm back! I apologize for best posting on Saturday. If you have been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I took a little break. I took the break because there was a lot going on, and I was feeling really stressed and overwhelmed. I needed some time to feel inspired again. And the break helped! I feel much better now:) I also managed to plan out tons of post and a few other really exciting things! Also, BTW, my posting schedule remains the same - Tuesday and Saturday. I know today is Monday, but there's a reason why I'm posting today.

This post is a collab with the absolutely amazing @teensstylee If you love fashion, you NEED to check out her account! She is so talented, and all her outfits are so cute! Definitely take a look at her account.

In this post, the first two outfits are by me and @teensstylee, since it was the both of us who first came up with this idea. The other outfits are by various bloggers and influencers who shared their perfect Quarantine outfits with me! A huge thank you to all the people that took part in this💗 Please remember that I have featured the outfits randomly. The order had nothing to do with how good your outfit is! All of them are so great and varied that I could never choose between them anyway. Let's get right to it!

Note - All the words with '@' lead to their respective Instagram accounts. I have also added any other social media links below the description of the outfit.

Outfit #1 - This outfit is by yours truly:) In this outfit, I have paired sweatpants with an elegant, white, off-shoulder tank top. I have also added hoops for that 'glam' effect. This outfit is perfect for both, chilling in your bed and also facing the outside world!

Outfit #2 - This cute outfit is by @teensstylee Didn't I tell you how great her style is? I love the edgy vibes. If you want to feel empowered and cute at the same time, this outfit is for you!

Outfit #3 - This outfit is by @conniesavage_ This is literally the perfect Quarantine outfit. It's comfy and athletic while also being cute and stylish at the same time! The perfect combo, don't you think? I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed:)

Her Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com.au/conniesavage_/

Outfit(s) #4 - These outfits are by @rebeccabatley What I love the most about all of these outfits is how they're so simple, yet they look so gorgeous! All the colours complement each other well, forming Instagram worthy outfits!

Her YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RebeccaBatley

Outfit #5 - This outfit is by @simplyabbygrace This outfit is so cute and cheerful! It's the kind of outfit that just oozes creativity and happiness. And her necklace is so pretty! If I ever need some inspiration, this is the kind of outfit I'd put on:)

Her Pinterest - https://in.pinterest.com/abbyyygrace13/

Outfit #6 - These outfits are by @bethlucyblogs! I love how these outfits are so basic, and they still look really great. The best sort about these outfits is that they are made up pieces of clothing that everybody has at home. No shopping required! Save the earth, and look cute while doing it:)

Her Blog - https://bethlucyblogs.com/

Outfit #7 - This outfit is by @devitaputrisr No Lookbook is complete without a sweatshirt! We all love wearing them. If you haven't worn one in quarantine, are you even quarantining? A sweatshirt is the best piece of clothing ever. Nothing can change my mind on this:)

Her Blog - https://lalalandecember.wordpress.com/

Outfit #8 - This outfit is by @iv_kristinaaa I love the combo so much! It is edgy and girly at the same time, which I absolutely love! Everybody needs an outfit like this! Also, that top is so cute, and the sneakers go wonderfully with the outfit!

Outfit(s) #9 - These outfits are by @timesoftrials These outfits truly show us that comfort is the key! As long as you're comfortable, you will look good! And, of course, smiles go a long way! I don't know why, but these outfits remind me to be positive:)

Her Blog - https://anushka.blog/

Outfit #10 - This outfit is by @tahls.robbo Isn't it wonderful how a simple white top and jeans can look so elegant? This is exactly the kind of outfit all of us need in Quarantine. I love her earrings too. And the camera adds a nice touch:)

Her Presets - @presetsbytahls

Outfit #11 - This outfit is by @keeleyalexandra_This outfit shows us that sometimes, dressing up can be really fun! If you're in the mood to dress up and organize your life, this is the kind of outfit you should aim for! Bonus points if you have a scrunchie as cute as this one!

Her Blog - https://keeleyalexandra.com/

Outfit #12 - This outfit is by @sienamariaaa I love how put together this outfit is! It has many layers, which makes it easier to wear this outfit at home and also outside! Also, how cute is that bucket hat?

Her Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sienamariaaa/

Her YouTube - https://youtu.be/GH_iCcOBMEg

And that's it! I have lots of interesting things coming, so make sure you stay tuned:) I hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for my next post on Saturday:)

Adena xxx

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