Perspective - A poem by me...

You fear the world, I adore it.

You wait for its impending doom, I pray that it never ceases to exist.

You expect nothing from it, I expect everything. You face each day as if it were a curse, I wake up each day grateful to be alive.

You believe the worst of people, I believe the best.

You only pay heed to the tragedies and the horrors, and I pay heed to small things such as the carefree laughter of a child.

You limit yourself because you're terrified of the world, I fight because I need to break my limits. You would never dare to explore it, I would never dare not to explore it.

You do not see the things that make life worth living, but I see only them.

If only you could see the world through my eyes,

I would show you a thousand wonders,

The stars shining like jewels in the night sky,

The moon bathing everything in a golden light, The night wind whispering in your ears,

The softness of the Earth beneath your fingers, The song sung by the trees deep inside the woods,

The skyscrapers glinting in the morning light, The glow of the city's skyline from high up on a terrace,

The soft music playing in every cafe and the quiet chatter of people all around,

The feel of your tongue exploding with taste as you eat,

The ecstacy found only by reading books,

The large brown eyes of a puppy looking up to you with loyalty

The hug you get from one if your friends after breaking down,

The strength you find within yourself during difficult times,

The contentment when you spend each day doing what you love,

The love you feel for so many people and so many things,

The happiness that fills your soul when you realize that you love the world.

If only I could see the world through your eyes, You'd show me a thousand horrors,

The barren forests dying in the cold winter,

The blood stained walls of so many homes,

The screams of humans being burnt alive,

The agony caused due to broken Hope's and dreams,

The inevitable pain caused when you dare to love,

The stench of rotting corpses on a battlefield, The tears on a women's face as she is not asked for her consent,

The anguish of a thousand unheard voices who weren't given a chance,

The wasted potential of a soul crushed due to desperation and poverty,

The darkness that surround the world today.

However, you shall never be able to see through my eyes, and I'll never be able to see through yours,

You'll only ever see the horrors it holds, and I'll only ever see the wonders,

And we shall both remain ignorant.

Adena xxx

P.S. You guys will be wondering why I didn't post this in my Instagram. Well, I couldn't post it as it wouldn't fit!! Share this with your friends❣ And coment your thoughts below!!

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