Perks of Being Single + What to do on Valentines Day If you're single..

Hey guys!!! Happy Valentine's Day ( Or, more accurately, week! )

A little while ago, I did a poll on my Instagram ( You can follow me here for updates, microblogs and aesthetic pictures every day!) and most if you voted yes for a valentine's Day blog, so here it is!! I'm going to list the perks of being single and How to spend Valentines Day if you're single

Hope you guys find it useful❤

Perks of Being Single

1. No Drama - All my friends have so much relationship drama and insecurity and I'm just there like "lol sorry. Can I keep chilling now?"

2. No pressure to get expensive gifts/ waste money - Instead of becoming broke by wasting money in somebody else, I can waste money of food and books and clothes and other unnecessary and become broke for myself!

3. All your stuff is yours - Nobody else is gonna eat your food/ take your stuff, everything is yours!

4. You can look at hot people and not feel unfaithful - Need I say more?;)

5. No expectations - You can be anyone you want, do anything you like! There's no one to complain!

6.Your Netflix account is just yours - Not gonna lie, this is the best part!

7. You save more time and mental energy - No staying up late to chat, no obsessing over jealous exes, no wondering if they're 'the one'!

8. No going to social events just because they want to - So go ahead, stay at home and read!!

9. You can work on your goals - You have loads of free time and nothing else to do!!

10. You learn to be your own best friend and love yourself - Honestly, this is the best part!

Hope you guys like this as much as I liked writing it:) Now here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single!

1. Have a Galentine's day - Get together with your bffs and get ready to gossip and watch To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2 - P.S. I still love you! ( Yes, its out on Netflix and I'm in love with it😍)

2. Watch rom - coms all by yourself! - You'll laugh and all those romance vibes will have you dreaming about how great your future will be!

Here a few of the best rom coms -

3. Go shopping - You haven't gone broke buying a gift for your Valentine's Day date, so you can afford to treat yourself!!

4.Pamper yourself - Go to a spa and have loads of food!!

5.Go out and explore - Take your car and roam around town while appreciating your freedom! ( And laughing at all those clueless couples<3)

6.Have a self care day - Do whatever you love! Spend the whole day in bed, order food, take a two hour long bath, prank people - Its entirely your choice!

7. Send Valentines to everyone you love! - Valentines Day is for all kinds of love, not only romantic!

8. Spend the day with your pet - After all, you love them too! And they make the best Valentine's Day dates:)

9. Have a dance party - Turn up the music and dance away your Valentine's Day blues! ( If you even had them in the first place!)

10. Crash your friends dates! - This one is definitely the most fun and my favorite one! But make sure that they don't mind too much:) If you'd rather not risk upsetting them, go around looking for cute people:)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! For more ideas and write ups, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram and subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the page or by clicking the 'sign up' box!!!!

Adena xxx

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