New year, new problems:(

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey guys! I know it has been a long time since I last posted...its just that a LOT has being going on what with school starting and all. By the way, I'm an eighth grader now!!! ( Officially, finally😉) That's great and all, but it just isn't going right.

Do you ever have this voice in your mind telling you it's all gonna go wrong? Well I had that voice in my mind telling me that the the start of 8th was gonna be horrible, but I convinced myself that it was going to be OK. But... Guess what? It wasn't ( NOT AT ALL😔) My teachers were uptight and strict, my class was... Let me put it this way : Boring😐 I had none of my best friends, and I don't think changing classes will be allowed. Which is so unfair! How can they decide that we don't need our friends if they haven't been in our places? How can they decide that we'll adapt if they have no idea what it feels like to be a teen in today's world. And, spoiler alert , it doesn't feel that great. There's a lot of completion, dragging each other down and judgements... Friends are lifelines. But what's worse is that we don't have the liberty to put our views out there ( And NOT get in trouble)

To be honest, music is the only thing helping me get through this... I mean music never leaves you, it doesn't break you heart, but it is always there to heal you❤ #happyworldmusicday Talking about music, I am SO OBSESSED with Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' new song - Señorita❤ Its the BEST COLLAB EVER!!!!! And ofc , Shawn looks as good as ever if not better:P (#majorfangirlalert 😍😉) Definitely check it out if you haven't, and comment below if you liked it:D

Right now, I'm trying to just believe that everything happens for a reason and iI'm ust focusing on my guitar and on trying to find a place to write ( If you have ideas, PLEASE let me know;)) Reminder - you can talk to me anytime:) Until next time...

Stay happy:)

Adena xxx

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