'Never Have I Ever' from An Indian Girl's Perspective!

Hey guys! Its Tuesday and I have a new post for you! This post is one that I've wanted to do ever since I watched 'Never Have I Ever' on Netflix. Warning : This post contains spoilers, so if you haven't watched it yet, go watch it and then read this post

In this post, I'll be listing 5 positive points of the show and 5 negative points of the show, from my perspective. Here's the synopsis of the show:

Never Have I Ever tells the story of a young Indian girl raised in America, Devi, dealing with the recent death of her father as she also navigates the more traditional perils of high school like finding a boyfriend and upping her popularity.

Let's start with ten positive points! Please remember that all of these points are from my perspective:)

1. Representation of Indian Culture on Mainstream Media - Ahh when I first heard about this show, I was so ecstatic that Netflix was going to release a show about an Indian girl! I've seen shows and movies with hundreds of cultures, but never one show in which Indian culture was an important part. I've only ever Indian culture used as comic relief in the popular movies and shows, which makes me so sad because India has a really rich and vibrant culture! This is coming from somebody who is desperate to get out of India. I'm just so happy about this.

2. An extremely diverse cast - Devi is not the only character of color. Her friends, Fabiola and Eleanor, and even her crush and the most popular boy in school, Paxton Hall - Yoshida, are characters of color. I don't think any other Netflix show has such a diverse cast, which is why you definitely need to watch this!

The cast of Never Have I Ever with Mindy Kaling

3. An amazing script - Personally, I think this is THE best teen comedy series I've ever seen. It is light and makes you feel good and it also manages to touch upon some heavy issues. Mindy Kaling has done an amazing work on this series. The whole series is so freaking relatable!

Just saying, I can TOTALLY understand why Devi has a crush on Paxton😍

4. It's absolutely hilarious - I can guarantee you, you won't stop laughing! Devi and ker friends keep us constantly entertained throughout the series, what with Devi getting bit by a coyote ( No, I am not kidding! ), Fabiola treating her robot like a human and Eleanor's theatrics!

This tiktok dance made me laugh so much!

5. Well - developed actors - Usually, teen movies have very basic characters. The hot popular guy, the mean girl, the nerdy girl/ girl with low self esteem, etc. But this show does not have that. Every character is extremely well developed, from Paxton, Devi's crush to Ben, Devi's rival. All of the characters are complex, with stories behind why they are the way they are. Ah I can't wait for season two! Who do you think Devi will end up with, Paxton or Ben?

Devi with her best friends, Eleanor and Fabiola

And those were the positive points! The only thing I didn't like is that the show checks off many stereotypes related to Indians. As an Indian, I can tell you that so many of these are false. There are some stereotypes that are correct too! Indian aunties are really irritating, and Indian clothing can be really itchy at times! Just please keep in mind that this is my perspective, and that I do LOVE this show, in spite of the stereotypes. It is amazing show, and I would definitely recommend watching it! Here are the negative points -

1. The accents - Seriously, nobody in India speaks that way. Yes , of course, there are some people who do speak like that, but the majority of people don't. Most people only have a slight accent.

2. The textbook thing - Okay, in my 14 years of life in a small Indian town, I have never seen anything like that. Yes, the people in India are really religious, but not that much!

3. The whole arrange marriage thing - This was really behind the times. The number of people getting arranged marriages in India has decreased a lot, and those people usually chose to do so willingly. People have started becoming more open - minded and liberal, and the Indians living in India are usually even more open - minded and liberal. And what is up with the whole mother thing? Who even said that? Another thing that angered me was how Jaya, the divorcee outcast, told Kamala to go with an arranged marriage instead of doing what she wanted to do. Also, I didn't really get why she broke up with her boyfriend. It looked like she broke up because the arranged marriage guy was really good looking!?

4. The festival - The festival was supposed to be Ganesh Puja, but some parts of it related to other festivals such as Durga Puja and Navratri. I feel like they didn't do enough research. However, I definitely appreciate all their effort!

5. The whole NRIs are more 'Indian' than the actual Indians stereotype - This is the main negative point in the series. Where you live has absolutely no relation to how 'Indian'yiu are. Basically, the shows shows that Indians = Conservative, which isn't always true.

And that's it! Please remember that while this was from my perspective, I know many other Indians who feel the same way. This show is amazing, but it didn't represent Indian culture as well as I had expected. Nevertheless, I am really, really glad that Netflix made this show! It is, without a doubt, my favorite show. It is certainly a must - watch. Hope you liked the post! Let me know if you are #Teampaxton or #Teamben! I'm #Teamdevi!

Adena xxx

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