My Top 5 Artists/Bands/Albums Right Now!

Hey guys! It's Tueday, and I have a new post for you! Ever since Quarantine began, I've had loads of time to experiment and explore and try out different types of music and music from different artists. I've discovered so many great songs, bands and artists. It has been a great experience. I've listed my top 5 artists, bands and albums ( Yes, even albums!) here. Let's get right to it!

1. Shawn Mendes - Okay, anybody who knows me knows that I love Shawn ( actually, who doesn't?). So I haven't exactly discovered him recently, he's been my favorite for quite some time! He is seriously good looking, but, more than that, it's his music that makes him my favorite. Each of his songs are so heartfelt and beautiful. From all of his songs, 'Senorita', 'Never be alone', 'If I can't have you', 'Lost in Japan', ' Treat you better' and 'There's nothing holding me back' are some of my favorites. Also, how cute are he and Camila? They're literally #couplegoals ( Thank you for bearing with all my fangirling haha ) Make sure you check out his music, I promise you won't regret it!

2. The ' Call Me By Your Name' Album - The perfect album for the perfect movie! After falling in love with the movie and the book, I decided to check out its playlist. And I'm so glad I did! The album has all sorts of amazing songs that really give you that Italy vibe, which is exactly what I need right now! The album is like another small representation of Elio and Oliver. All the songs are so aesthetic! Search it up on Spotify!

3. 5SOS - I had never even heard of 5SOS until a few days ago. I heard one of their songs on spotify by mistake, and ended up really liking it! I especially love their name, 5SOS, which stands for 5 Seconds of Summer. I have no idea why I feel that way, but its perfect. Some of their songs that I like the most are - 'Easier' and 'Youngblood'. Easier is a collab with Charlie Puth, another artist whose music I love!

4. Selena Gomez - I've been a fan of her music for quite some time now. She is such a strong, independent woman, and this is reflected in her music. I admire her positivity and her courage. And her music is amazing! I love how her latest album, 'Rare' doesn't have all love songs. Not to mention, she has a killer style! From all of her songs, 'Rare', 'Feel me', ' Look at her now' and 'Lose you to love me' are my favorites, and I am obsessed with 'Boyfriend' ( Also its video! if only I could turn irritating boys into frogs too! ). 'Back to you' and 'It ain't me' are also pretty great. Look her up!

5. The Vamps - I discovered the vamps literally a day ago. I saw somebody posting about them on Instagram, and I thought their name sounded cool. Having nothing better to do, I decided to check them out. And I'm so glad I did! I can't stop listening to 'Just My Type', one of their songs. And their cuteness is an added bonus. Take a look!

Extras - Here are some other songs, playlists, artists, bands, albums, etc I really like:

- Camila Cabello ( Artist )

- All members of One Direction ( Artists )

- Ed Sheeran ( Artist )

- Why don't we ( Band )

- The Weekend ( Artist )

- Charlie Puth ( Artist )

- Post Malone ( Artist )

- Justin Bieber ( Artist )

- The Jonas Brothers ( Artists )

- Taylor Swift ( Artist )

- Demi Lovato ( Artist )

- Sunday Best ( song )

- Dancing with a stranger ( song )

- Come here ( song )

- Sixteen ( song )

- Harder ( song )

- War of hearts ( song)

- Live Forever ( song )

- Girls Night ( spotify playlist )

- Young, Wild and Free ( spotify playlist )

- TATBILB ( album )

And that's it! I hope you liked this post:) Remember that Quarantine is the perfect time to explore and try out new things!

Adena xxx

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