If only movies were reality.. 

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey guys! Don't you ever wish that movies were reality?? That your entire life could be a movie?? I really, really wish that was possible😺😻

Of course, if your life was a movie, you'd get to have an adventure, something that makes you feel as if you 're living your life and actually doing something!!! Something to break the monotonous spell of our lives.Yes, I do know that we're lucky and privileged and we should be grateful ( blah, blah, blah:-P) that our lives are safe, ( Maybe a bit TOO safe for my liking🙄😅)but don't you ever wish that there would be some disaster, some problem or some impossible thing occurring in your life ( I know this sounds TOTALLY crazy, but seriously think about it🙈)

The best part would be that, in the movies, You ALWAYS get a happily ever after ( yes, I know there are exceptions:-D) The problem gets solved, and the man character ends up loving themselves or getting their dream stuff. What a life, huh!!?? And then there's all the fun stuff that the characters don't get in trouble for, and all the dance numbers and fighting sequences where the hero seems to not get hurt AT ALL!!😂😂

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Stay happy;)

Adena xxx

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