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Hey guys! It's Tuesday, and I have a new post for you! Now, this is NOT your typical 'what to do in Quarantine' post! This post has so much more than that. Keep reading to find out!

This post is a collab with Bella, who has an amazing blog and Instagram! In the first part, she gives us tips on emotional and physical wellbeing during Quarantine since she has experience in that area! Here are her tips:

Firstly, let’s talk about yoga. In BC (Before Coronavirus) times, I was sceptical about it. Each time that I tried it, I was unable to do most of the poses, which left me feeling insecure. Recently, a trend has spread across social media: “the quarantine glow-up”. The trend encouraged people to work on themselves in order to become better people once the lockdown is lifted. I myself felt inspired to work on myself physically and strengthen my body. I began with daily abs exercises and a run around the neighbourhood. However, I noticed that my goal gradually shifted from strengthening to simply losing weight. I immediately noticed the early signs of anorexia and decided to stop. That was when I turned to yoga.

I searched up ‘beginners yoga’ on YouTube and so I began. I’ll have to admit that it was difficult at first and I still can’t do downward dog! It has now been a week since I started and I have already noticed its benefits on both my mind and body. Yoga tests your body and mind with a peaceful awareness. The main focus of yoga is to find peace within ourselves and love our bodies, rather than have a ‘quarantine glow-up’. Thanks to yoga, I am more grateful and content with my life than ever. During a time such as now, we must be forgiving to ourselves and appreciate whatever we have. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, grab a mat, find a yoga video and have a go at ‘downward dog’!

I’m sure that we have all heard of the video-conferencing app, Zoom. Zoom has allowed me to continue dancing Hula and Ori’ with fellow dancers from across the world. Dancing has the power to connect people in movement and to let the mind express itself. As well as that, dance is a great form of exercise. When dancing, there is little focus on exercise itself, but rather on telling a story and engaging with the audience using movement. There are so many styles of dance to try out and there truly is no better time to do so than now. I currently dance with LSHO (London School of Ori’ and Hula), which offers dance classes for all levels of dancers. If perhaps dance isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other online exercise classes that will give you a social-life in safety and keep you fit!

And those were her tips! Make sure you follow them:) And don't forget to check out her blog and Instagram!

Now, it's my turn! I'm going to be giving you guys a few recommendations in terms of movies, music, series, etc! I've tried to select new/ lesser known stuff so we all get a chance to explore! Here they are:

1. Movie - The half of it - This movie just released on Netflix, and personally, I loved it! It was a movie with many themes, at times it was sad, at times it was cute and dreamy! I also love how they've shown the problems faced by immigrants! Although it was a bit slow at times. The storyline is a unique one, and part of why I enjoyed it so much! Definitely recommend it:)

2. Series - Never Have I Ever - Chances are, you've already heard about this series, and maybe even binge- watched it! The storyline is very quirky and cute, and I really like the way they use humor to address some issues. The best part is how relatable the series is! The series is guilty of enforcing stereotypes about Indians, but more on that later!

3. Book - Six of Crows - This duology is absolutely amazing! I simply wasn't able to put it down! All of the characters are so well developed. The way they manage to pull off such a huge heist is genius. This books series is a masterpiece!

4. Movie - Coco - Yes, this movie is an animated one, and No, it isn't only for kids. This movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It is a movie for all ages. The story is so touching and the graphics are amazing. It also has a great soundtrack and potrays Mexican culture really well!

5. Music - 90s music - If I'm being honest, I've been bored of the 'latest' music for quite some time now. That is why I decided to try 90s music. And I'm so glad I did! So many of mg current favorites are songs from the 90s. They have a charm that the newer songs don't. Check out 90s music, you may like it as much as I do:)

And that's it! I hope you guys liked this post, and I hope it helped you in some way! Remember to take care of yourselves!

Adena xxx

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