An open letter to Will Traynor.. 

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Dear Will, What have you done to my heart? It is still breaking for you, for the utter tragedy that was your life. How could you possibly choose to end it? And yet, I understand why you did it. It would be a horrible fate to remember all that you had been before, and to not be able to even feed yourself now. You knew you were holding her back. You couldn't bear to be the solitary thing that stopped her from living her life. You couldn't bear holding her back. You knew she had potential, Will. And that is why you let go. Everybody wants to spend their lives with the person they love. But you, you were brave enough to let go simply because you loved her so much. I can't imagine that, and perhaps I never will. Let's talk about her, about Louisa. She was such a vibrant soul, always wearing the weirdest clothes imaginable. Every single flaw you had, she loved. She loved how stubborn you were, she loved your dark humor and dry sarcasm, she loved you on tour good days and on your bad days, she loved you when you left her, and she still loves you, as it always shall be. And of course, she loved how irresistibly handsome you were, even if you couldn't move. Some part of her died when you let go, but she always remembered you. She lived her life like you would've wanted her too. She experienced everything and reached her potential. She went to Paris and read the letter you gave her, and how could I possibly stop my tears then? They kept coming, reminding me of your sacrifice. You were so brave, Will. How could I possibly not fall in love with your story? I hope that someday, maybe I will love somebody like you loved each other. Until then Will, I will keep reminiscing about you and her. Like Augustus had said, it was a privilege to have my broken by you. Adena xxx

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