A Random Thought on Art.

Hey guys! It is Tuesday, and I have new post for you! This post is a little different from all of my other posts, but it was long overdue. Most of you guys know that I'm a writer, and that I write poetry. Those of you who didn't know, well, you do now. I share a few of my poems on my Instagram occasionally, but they're usually on vague topics. A huge part of being a writer is drawing from your own experiences. So whenever I write something, it's like a little part of me that I've put on paper. And some things that I write are so private that I feel scared simply at the thought of sharing them with somebody. I think that's the worst part of being a writer, when sharing your work feels like sharing a part of your soul. And believe me, that is really scary. It basically feels like everybody is going through your brain. But I figured that I owe you guys for all your love and support, so in going to be sharing something I wrote which is really special to me. Well, here it is :

A Random Thought on Art Art imitates life, isn't that what they say? But I don't believe that. I think life imitates art. We look at art and we feel something because it appeals to some hidden part of our soul. What would life be like if there wasn't art? But, perhaps, it isn't possible to have life without having art. Everything we do, everything we see is art. Humans are both, art and artists. Life itself is art because it is so beautiful. The whole concept of life is artistic. How do you explain art? If the words we use are art themselves, then how can we possibly explain it? How can we explain something so simple and fundamental, yet so complicated? Trying to explain art is like trying to explain time. It just is. People like creating art because it feels like being connected to the universe. Wherever we come from, art comes from that place too. We don't know how to create art, it just happens. It is something that has always existed, ever since we came into existence. Maybe even before we started existing. Maybe we came from art, and to art we will return. For a word with only 3 letters, art is a very huge, very beautiful and wholly indescribable concept. Maybe because I'm human, I always have this unexplainable urge to make art, to become art myself, so that everybody who looks at me, feels something and realizes the beauty of the universe.

The picture which inspired this!

I don't even know if that made sense. Consider this an excerpt from my novel which I have finally started writing! No, I'm not gonna write the whole novel in such a way, just a few parts. I'm not sharing more about the novel because I'm not sure about anything yet. Anyway, hope you liked this! Let me know if you want me to post more stuff like this!

Adena xxx

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