A Much - Needed Letter to Everybody about Mental Health.

Hey guys! It's Saturday, and I have a new post for you. May is mental health awareness month, which is why I wrote you a little letter on mental health. Read it below:

Hey there! I know what you're thinking - 'Why do I have to read this? I don't have a mental illness. But the thing is, this is mental health awareness month. And let's face it - Most of us, including me, have very poor mental health. I'm not saying that its your fault. It's nobody's fault. The lives that we lead are so stressful that it is very difficult to have good mental health. This is simply a reminder to take care of your mental health.

I know you have important work to do. I know that you have exams coming up, or you need money or you lost somebody close to you. I know it all. I know there are a million problems, and you don't have time for your mental health, not right now. Or either you have time, but you don't know how to, or you don't want to. And I know that it is so much to easier to pretend that you have excellent mental health instead of accepting that you need to work on it. I know, because I do all these things too.

Before Quarantine, I was so busy that I hadn't realized how broken I was. I hadn't realized how badly I needed a break. A break from school, exams, relationships, everything. I needed a break from life. At that time, I hadn't realized how bad my mental health was. But now that I've gotten the break I needed, I've realized how wrong I was before. Even though I seemed fine before, I wasn't fine. Honestly, I was feeling so overwhelmed by everything that I would just start crying randomly, or start screaming at somebody for no reason. I was that stressed. Can you imagine that? And the worst part is, I thought that was normal. I thought everybody around me was that stressed, and that it meant that I was working hard. It's only now that I've realized how wrong I was.

I guess what I'm saying is, Take a break. Take some time for yourself. Take some time to do the things you love, take some to rebuild relationships. Work will always be there, but you rarely get such a golden chance to take a break. Use this time. I'm not telling you to meditate all day instead of watching netflix. I'm simply telling you to do something that is good for your mental health. If that's watching netflix all day, by all means, go for it (though you might wanna reconsider that ).

And most importantly, remember that little things don't matter. Getting one mark less doesn't matter, but you crying in the middle of the night because you got one mark less matters. Don't spend you life being stressed. Spend it laughing, loving and living. In case nobody's told you, you're an amazing, inspiring, beautiful person and I can't wait to see all the earth shattering things you're going to do! Stay happy:) Adena xxx

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