Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This is my first blog post, and I couldn't be more excited (or more nervous!).This blog is mainly all about my crazy teenage life.I think every teenager experiences this rollercoaster ride and...I'm just trying to share it(*shrugs awakwardly*) Of course, me being sassy and saying exactly what's on my mind probably doesn't help.( I'm always honest though;))Do you ever get that feeling that all of us are the same? I do. But we can never really be sure because everyone seems to be a fake these days, hiding away their true selves and stopping at nothing to get what they want, no matter what it is - popularity, good grades, money,whatever. And you know that teen movies are turning into reality when friends you have known for years start turning fake bit by bit just to become popular.I guess, what I'm trying to say is, I'm gonna keep it real on this blog. NO lies, NO fake personalities, just plain old me. And the weird thing is, I like me.Just the way I am. And I think you should like you too ( I know this sounds really cheesy, but its true.) I don't even know you, but...You're an AMAZING person, exactly the way you are.Just keep believing that, and you'll be fine. #loveyourself

Anyway, enough with the sad stuff.I'm gonna talk about the juicy stuff now;) Trust me, I'm completely, totally, absolutely crazy. And really adventurous. Luckily, I found friends who are just as crazy( If not more!) as me. And oh my god, all the adventures we have! We are the kind of people who once jumped off a terrace to a lower landing just to click a selfie! ( I know what you're thinking, but I swear I'm not making this up!) Maybe I'll post the full story later. I have to warn you though, our adventures might give you a stomachache from all that laughing;)

And, like every other teenager on the planet, I'm plagued by hormones. Keep reading to know more! And on top of all that, there's parents too! I know they love us, but they could lay off a bit sometimes right?

Also, I don't really have a theme, i'll mostly write about random stuff and teen life and maybe a bit of lifestyle too. Here's a bunch of completely random stuff about me:

1. I get really good grades in school, though idk how cause, compared to the others, I hardly seem to be studying:)

2. I wanna travel the world someday.

3. I have got a sweet tooth and I absolutely LOVE chocolate;)

4.I am a sagittarius.

5.I live in India.

6. I wanna choose writing as my career and I am currently working on a novel and many other side projects.

7.Lastly, I'm good at swimming and I'm currently learning how to play the guitar as I love music.

WOW! This has been one HUGE blog post. I'd like to say one more thing before logging off - If u need any help or any advice or even if u just want somebody to talk to, I'm here for u. ( I have a strict privacy policy, so don't be worried about that!) Goodnight:)

Stay happy;)

Adena xxx

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