10 Ways To Reuse CDs Or Vinyls!

Hey guys! It's Saturday, and I have a new post for you! A few days ago, I was so bored at home that I began searching for easy DIYS. ( Yes, I was that desperate! ) However, most of them needed materials which I didn't have at home. But I realized that I had a lot of old CDs lying around, so I began searching for DIYs that need CDs. And Bam! I got so many easy, amazing ones. I'm going to be talking about these DIYs in this post. In many of these DIYs, you can also use a Vinyl instead of a CD.

Note - I couldn't upload the vidoes of all thse DIYs due to some reason, but the vidoes of all of these DIYs can be found on YouTube. Or if you prefer a written form, the instructions can be found on Google. Now that I've said that, let's get right to it!

1. Paint them - The BEST option on this list. This is super fun, you only need a few things which I'm sure you'll have at home, and.the painted CDs look super cute! You can paint whatever you like. I painted a sky with pink clouds on one CD and a galaxy - like pattern on another. Although, in both cases, the result doesn't quite look like what I had expected haha.

So aesthetic, right?

2. Stick dried flowers on them - If you want some sort of aesthetic room decor DIY that is easy, this is it. I tried this too, and it looks so aesthetic! I would recommend using flowers that have fallen to the ground, so you don't harm nature. Using real flowers also means that you'll be able to achieve the 'dried flowers effect'.

3. Make a Terrarium - How cool is this DIY!? In case you don't know, a terratium is a cute, mini - greenhouse type thing for your plants. If you like having plants in your room, this DIY is for you!

4. Make a Suncatcher - We've all heard of dreamcatchers ( and obsessed over them too! ) but the suncatcher isn't that popular. But it should be, because it is just as gorgeous as a dreamcatcher. Also, I love its name!

5. A Disco Ball - Let's face it; a disco ball will be a very cool addition to any room! The only downside here is that the process of making a disco ball is a tiny bit tedious, but hey, we all have loads of time and nothing better to do!

6. Decorate Mirrors - This DIY is super useful for the people like me, who have really boring mirrors. And it looks like a lot of fun too! You can personalize according to what you want. This DIY will take your mirror selfie to a whole another level!

7. Make a birdbath - You'll have fun making this DIY, and you will also be helping birds! It sounds like a win to me! Personally, I love making such things just to be able to observe birds.

8. Any type of Wall Art - If you search the internet, you'll see thousands of results, each with different ideas on how you can decorate your wall using CDs. Some of them are really easy and look good too! It entirely depends on you what you want - clock, mosaic, whatever!

9. Wind Spinners - This DIY is exactly as awesome as its name sounds! I love hanging them in a balcony or somewhere open, so that I can always know when the wind is blowing! You can also attach bells or something like bells so that the wind spiners make some sort of noise whenever the wind is blowing.

10. Decorate a Vase - I few days ago, I realized how incredibly dull my garden looked. I was tried of seeing the plain vases or pots. That's when I tried this DIY, and it completely changed its look!

And that's it! I hope you liked this post. Let me know if you want more posts like this! Hope you're well:)

Adena xxx

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