10 ways to pamper yourself during quarantine...

Hey guys! It has been SUCH A LONG TIME since I last published a post! This is mostly because I had my exams and then this whole coronavirus thing happened! So after about four exams, my school was shut down and online classes began (btw, they totally suck🙄) Anyway, I have loads of free time now and I'll finally be able to focus on my blog! I'm going to try and post twice a week as most of you requested on my Instagram polls! Now that that's done, let's get right to it!

1. Take a looong bath / shower - This is my favorite way to relax! Use bath bombs, take a bubble bath, listen to music while bathing, whatever makes you feel good! I've been listening to music while bathing recently, and although I killed one speaker ( apparently not all speakers are waterproof) , it has been a great experience!

2. Paint your nails - I finally painted my nails today after what feels like a years! Now every single time I wash my hands ( #Coronavirus ) , I feel so satisfied! You can see my nails in the photo below! For more ideas, follow my



3. Workout - Before you start grumbling about how difficult exercising is, hear me out. Exercising is actually a very enjoyable activity if you know what you're doing. YouTube is a good place to find workouts, but be sure to search exactly for the type of workout you want. If you aren't an athlete, then a full body muscle workout will be pretty difficult. Use your brain and you'll be alright:)

Pro tip : Music helps. A lot. Trust me!

4. Cooking/ Baking - I tried baking a cake today, and although I burnt the top layer, the bottom part tasted good and I had a loads of fun! There are so many easy recipes available online which require ingredients you already have at home. And the best part is, you get to eat later!

5. Learn how to apply makeup - This is the perfect time to learn that weirdly complicated look or perfect your winged liner! There's nowhere to go and you have lots of time to try, mess up, and then try again! I've decided to learn how to apply eyeliner ( *finally*), so would you guys like me to take you along? Let me know in the comments below!

6. Apply face masks / hair masks - We all have dreamt of sitting on a chair relaxing with a face mask on our face and a magazine and a drink next to us. Well, we finally have the time to do that! There are a variety of face masks and hair masks available online, and you can even make them at home! I'll he posting a couple of DIY face and hair masks on my


, so make sure to follow me there!

7. Watch your favorite movie / movies - Okay, I know that everybody is already doing this! Watching movies in your pjs with popcorn and blankets feels great, but please don't overdo it! If you need ideas on what TV series to watch, check out

The best TV shows for teens

8. Clean your room - if you're as busy ( and messy! ) as I usually am, your room must require some serious cleaning. And what better time to do it than right now? I cleaned my room, and I felt so much better being there. I honestly felt like I could think more clearly in there after cleaning it. Try it out!

9. Read my blog - Haha, you know what I mean! I'm have loads of exciting stuff planned including a few collabs! I absolutely can't wait to be sharing it with you guys! Not just my blog, use this time to catch up on any blog, YouTube channel, website, magazine, etc you love!

10. Sleep - Sleep is the ULTIMATE definition of self care! I usually don't get much sleep due to school and stuff, so I have enjoyed being able to sleep for as long as I like very much! I honestly feel that being able to sleep is the best part of Quarantine.

And that's it guys! Remember to take care and wash your hands! Also, I have decided to do this thing on my


where I'll post one book review and one movie review every week to help you get through Quarantine. Would you guys like me to do that here too? Let me know in the comments. If you try any of these ideas, I would love to know how it went and see some pictures!

Adena xxx

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