My work

I'm gonna add a few of my literary works (sounds so fancy:P) in this section...Let me know what you think about them!

Fly free


Fly free

The sky calls to me,
"Come here, where you want to be.
Spread your wings and fly free,
Up and above every tree.
High up in the clouds beyond boundaries,
Amidst thousands of memories.
You must be who you are,
You're not that far."
But I look at it and I say,
"I just can't fly away.
I'm stuck behind these merciless bars,
Made by humans to keep me from escaping to the stars.
They won't release me even though they see,
That freedom is so important to me.
I feel like I shall be stuck here for eternity,
Unless they once again embrace their humanity."


I find freedom in a sky,
Full of stars,
Freedom in adventures,
In a land afar.
Freedom in the music I make,
With my guitar,
Freedom in long drives,
In a sports car.
Freedom in the stuff I write,
Above the par,
Freedom in the stories and poems,
Written in coffee bars.
Freedom in the mystery of treasures,
Held in jars,
Freedom in the quiet strength,
Of roads made with tar.
Freedom in a horse,
Running past a bazaar.
Freedom in a bird,
Flying away from a door left ajar.
Freedom in belief,
In who you are,
Freedom in finding beauty,
In the world near and far.