My story!!

Hi! I'm Adena, a sassy teenager;)
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Being a teenager (espeially a sassy one😉) is just so difficult! According to parents , we're too young for love, too old for fun, too smart to play dumb and too immature for grown up conversations.No wonder teens are so rebellious! This blog is all about my teenage life, and all the crazy amazing moments I experience. Teenage is a total rollercoaster ride, and I'm gonna be completely honest on this blog. A few things about me:

1.I LOVE to write!!!!(kinda obvious I know:P)

2.I LOVE to read...I actually got the idea to start a blog from a book!!

3.I am 13 going on 14.

4.I have awesome friends who are completely crazy, so you'll be hearing about their 'escapades' a lot!;-)

5.I love helping people with their problems, so email me if you feel as if you need help.I'm here for you!

I'm on cloud nine right now, and I can't wait to start sharing my thoughts with you guys! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Stay Happy;)

Adena xxx